Laughter and tears in the prison

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Lots of laughter and tears, warm hugs and excitement were the result of the family meeting celebration at the Sofia Central Prison. It took place on September 24th and the reason was the beginning of the new school year. For the second time Mission Salvation Foundation presented the opportunity to the imprisoned to meet their wives and children without having a glass wall between. Thirteen families got involved in the specially prepared by the foundation and some volunteers celebration activities. The atmosphere was melted by some interactive games. The families also got in the role of artists and together painted their dream home.

And at a party, just like at a party! How could you go without delicious food and goodies for everybody – big and small?! There were also some pleasant surprises. The foundation took care so the Dads could cheer up their wives and children with special presents. The imprisoned also received some most needed aids like toiletries, warm shoes and sweaters. The event was honored with the presence of Mr. Yolant Yordanov – the warden of the prison and Mrs Ivanka Vasileva – head of the “Social activity and discipline work” Department.

 the family meeting celebration at the Sofia Central Prison

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